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About Spea'k

Spea'k is a brand developed by an engineer team motivated and passionated in technologies employed. It currently based on ressources and competences of the SAS Yansys specialized in telemedecine.

Yansys has considerable skills in manipulation of the voice (digital dictation and vocal recognition) in medical area (CHU, CHR, Hospital Complexs). The expertise network Medwork use te last technologies of hybride developpement and of mass of data management (NoSQL Databases in mode SaaS). Speak's have naturally benefited of technologies which represent the company in the world.

We are actively looking for partnerships, business development, partners and investors on our growing markets segments.

Propose us your ideas or your talents!

Serge Torti
Software Architect

Serge Torti and Yansys Medical team, 10 years entrepreneur, 25 years Software Architect (10 people in software development)

Baraa Mohamad

Baraa Mohamad IS IT PHD, expert in cloud infrastructure development

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