What & how ?

What is SPEA'K?

A digital solution to enable live reliable group conversations

How it works?

Spea'k works like a digital radio but is not a radio! Spea'k operates in the cloud and works with integrated "push to talk" technology

What & who ?

What it does?

SPEA'K connects groups in a geolocalized area to talk live on private or public secure platforms

To Whom?

H2H (Human to Human)

Who ?

Who we are?

Experts with passion& Engaged Citizens

Leaders in Telemedecine expertise (Voice & Video streaming)
SaaS Solutions on Cloud
Hybrid Mobile App
Professional social Network for health

Our Team

A 10 people operational team

Serge Torti and Yansys Medical team, 10 years entrepreneur, 25 years Software Architect (10 people in software development)

Baraa Mohamad IS IT PHD, expert in cloud infrastructure development

Why ?

Why we do it?

We believe in the power of voice to connect people differently...

Why we do it?

Because Voice enables :

- More authenticity
- More field efficiency
- More Learning from human emotions and interactions
- More Human Connection to change the world and avoid bots hegemony