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Safety emergency assistance & security

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Travel services & smart cities

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Community networking, dating services

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1 : Professional Radio Mobile Solution (PMR)

Our solutions complete or replace to your advantage actual Talkie-Walkies, with or without licence. For instance, a company of public works could connect his employees on a construction site with an extreme simplicity. No need to install a network of aerial TETRA to establish a secure group communications!

Our infrastructure operates with smartphones resistant to shock and weather.It apply on the best mobile operator avalaible reducing greatly white zones. An application dedicated to your activity, guarantee a transmission of quality, including in the vehicle. The latter benefited of numerous sensors available on the phone to guarantee the protection of isolated worker (GPS, Accelerometer, etc).

The sectors of activity covered are numerous: security forces, field agents, peri-urban transport, railways, hospitals, communities, events, etc.

2 : Safety emergency assistance and security

Our solutions permits the rapid setting up of an infrastructure of assistance or vigilance. The alert is provided by voice or sensor to a support company (D7H24) or a defined vigilance group. Connections are secured and the identification of callers is assured. The information traceability is high and adjustable to the context of use. The application can integrate a specific equipment to the activity thanks to a SDK provided. Communications are done on Wifi network or 3/4G multi-operator to guarantee an optimal accessibility.

3 : Travel services and smart cities

The time is near when each point of the globe will be covered by a wireless broadband connection. The voice replace progressively writting to communicate more rapidly between users or ask a robot with artificial intelligence. Our roads become communicative, our cities and environment will become. Because of the link between each citizen must be more natural, what is better than the voice for that?

Spea'k is an infrastructure Cloud in mode SaaS which can intelligently link individuals between them, to call them. Moreover human relashionships which must be emulated, do prosper, it is indeed an everyday efficiency that offers our solution to the communities. We believe that Human to Human (H2H) generates B2B and B2B2C. Ask us about your case.

4 : Community Networking and Dating Service

The world has never been so connected but in the end, many are isolated from the system. Like too much information kill information, too much connections kill relationships. Spea'k propose to reconcile users of a network, not just with writing but more by the voice. An experimentation made the last summer with 4500 users showed us that the voice generates more meetings that writtings.

Spea'k authorize different exchanges looks to applications availables today, function as a free, intelligent and targeted radio.

Our SDK Speak'k allow companies, associations, to differentiate themselves integrating a new dimension to their professional network or public.